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Welfare Activities

  1. In our medical camps more than 4500 patients were treated with free medicine.
  2. Under “Shaista Memorial Scholarships”, we finance junior and higher classes, extremely poor / but talented students each year.
  3. Under Al-Ani Kafalat program we are supporting many widows / poor families on monthly basis for their children education and food since July 2012.
  4. On every Ramadan and Eid festivals, cloths and food packages deserving families regularly since 2010.
  5. Free books / uniforms / School bags to poor school children on need bases.
  6. Free computer training center. Where more than 570 students were trained free of cost.
  7. Vocational training to woman. Where 140 ladies were given stitching training in last 2 years (2015-2017) to enable them a respectable member of society.
  8. To render expertise and technical advice to needy students for their educational goals.
  9. Support children who are forced to work for the parents / family survival.
  10. Advocacy / awareness campaign for the street children and their families to live with dignity and education to their children for better future.
  11. Women Empowerment campaigns across Pakistan.