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Pakistan is a country having approximately 165 million inhabitants with more than 50% of the population is in their youth and under the age of 20 years. These people have a lot of potential to grow and contribute in the economies of the world but have very limited or almost no resources available to them.

Haque Educational and Welfare Trust is a highly motivated non-profit organization dedicated to provide education, humanitarian support and free basic health care services to the masses with limited or no financial means in Pakistan.

In memory of

Mrs. Shahista Anwar

A Message by our Patron-in-Chief

History behind the trust

The idea behind the initiation of this Trust was conceived a long time ago, after careful, prayerful and prudent reflection over the values and visions, the virtues and valour which my parents stood for during their entire life.

I lost my father Mr. Ch. Abdul Haque in 1985. He was great lover of education and welfare but due to some reasons this welfare mission could not be institutionalized. But after the death of my wife (Mrs. Shaista Anwar) in 2008, I preferred to regulate this effort in an organized and systematic manner.

Finally, Haque Educational and Welfare Trust was established in 2009 in the memory of my family specially my wife Mrs. Shaista Anwar, a beloved wife, a mother of three and a warm hearted person. She throughout her life she tried to help the poor specially the kids with every possible resource available to her. She was a firm believer that education should be for all and the deprived people of Pakistan should be helped in every possible way.

This noble and humble initiative is a sustained effort to immortalize them, to remember them substantially and to pray for them. We as a family are now trying to work for the welfare (education and health) of the deprived poeple (specially the youth) of Pakistan with the support of the respectable civic society and international cooperation.

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Our Goal And Mission

  • Advancement of any other objective of charity and public utility in Pakistan
    To set up and maintain and aid poor, sick, and persons in distress and promote health and human happiness.
  • Free education for the talented youth of Pakistan from low income families who are unable to support themselves.
  • To work for the provision of primary education to every child especially in rural areas and remote areas of the country.
  • Provision of counseling for Formal Education and easy going at education stature.To introduce free IT awareness among the people from the low income people of Pakistan.
  • Use all the means including print and electronic media to create mass awareness.
  • To narrow the gap of knowledge and information about problems of Educational information.
  • To build the managerial and technical capacities of civil society institutions that is rooted in to the communities.
  • To collect and disseminate information leading to awareness, development and empowerment of communities on a regular and routine basis.
    To join like minded organizations in the struggle for creation of an enabling environment for the civil society. To cooperate, assist joint programs with organization and agencies seeking the goal of development in Pakistan.
    To assist establishment of cooperative societies, Community Based Organizations in the said areas for carrying out of the objectives of the society.
    To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conductive to attainment of any of the above objects and purposes

This wonderfull people make it all possible


Dr. Engr. Ansar-ul-haque Yasar
Dr. Naba Haque
Vice Chairman
Engr. Absar-Ul-Haque Ahmar
Secretary General
Engr. Anwar-ul-haque Fakhar
This wonderfull people make it all possible


Dr. Abdus Salam Khan
Medical Wing
Engr. Anwr-Ul-Haque Fakhar
Welfare Wing
Dr. Engr. Ansar-Ul-Haque Yasar
Educational Wing
Mr. Muhammad Tahir Tabussam
Human Rights
Mr. V. K. Koosam
Coordinator (Europe)
Yogi Shamshd Haider
Alternate Medicine/Yoga Master
Mrs. Nargis Anwar
Dr. Naba Haque
Coordinator Medical Wing
Hakeem Rehan Salik
TIB Unani